Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

She was in a joyous mood, the holiday spirit bubbled over her as she adjusted her Santa hat on her head. She hummed holiday songs as she tucked some candy canes into her belt and headed out the door. Her first stop was to deliver one to her good friend Jon. She caught up with Ravenite along the way who agreed to go with her. She was kinda shocked but she wrote it off on he was bored and thought there might be canary’s (angels) at the church.

She casually strolled through the church with Ravenite and headed to the very familiar back office. When she reached the desk she started to shuffle around and look for paper to write on as she saw Ravenite looking around, suddenly the soft voice danced over her ears as she turned to face an angel named Jenivive, “oh we have guests.” Ravenite immediately sniffed and spouted out “get the fuck out.” She spun around and smiled “Morning, Merry Christmas Eve.” The angel replied calmly to Ravenite and her, “well I think I should be the one telling you that, Dark one.” Ravenite snapped immediately back “Make me.”

Then angel turned her attention to her as she continued to speak quietly, “you looking for anything in particular?” She smiled as she pulled a candy cane from her belt, “I came to leave a present for my dear friend Jon.” Jenivive pouted as she looked at the candy cane and smiled, “I didn’t know people like you knew how to give presents.” Ravenite with his short quick one liners piped in, “she used to be a Righteous ya canary.” She giggled lightly as she looked forward at the angel, “well, when you have known Jon as long as I have, its nice to give back.” The angel nodded, “I’ll let Jon know then you were here.” Ravenite tilted his head “sure thing,” as she looked over at the angel, “well I was about to write him a note and what not, but I can’t concentrate with you umm, do you mind?”

Quickly the angel replied, “Actually I do. I’ll stay here as long as you both are. This is our private office and I don’t think you both should be alone here.” She tilted her head and whistled lightly, “Well, see now that I do have a problem with. I enjoy my privacy. So you can either walk out that there door.. orrrrr Ravenite here will make you dinner.” Ravenite licked his lips as she reached for his new flame thrower strapped to his back. The angel didn’t budge as she looked over at her, she was almost impressed, but not actually, “It ain’t gonna be good behaving like that, Miss.” She laughed lightly, “you know.. I know probably more about this building then you ever will so you really don’t need to inform me about the privacy of this office.” She waved her hand towards the door, “now shoo.” The angel chirped, “you might be one of the residents here before, but you ain’t now, and I don’t think you are in the right place to shove me out.”

She winked at the woman, “well like I said, you can either be drug out by your hair, or used those cute shoes of yours to move your ass.” She noticed the canary started to get agitated as she spoke, “It’s either I’ll stay or radio the rest of my family members, and don’t get me wrong cause I don’t like being with you two, but I have to be here.” Ravenite cackled softly, “and what do you think a little angel can do onto two very mean shadows huh? This chick is crazier then me most likely.. and I currently would love to slice your chest open to see the guts slowly spill out.” She gasped as she looked over to Ravenite, “oh pie no..not the RADIO!?” she looked back to the angel with a very serious expression, “do those come with DPS reports?” The angel addressed Ravenite, “I know how rude she is, and no need to remind me Mister.”

She tilted her head as she studied the angel, “you do?” her fingers snapped lightly as if it should of dawned on her sooner, “wait, were you the one I crucified?” Then angel almost snorted as she sputtered out a response, “yes, I was the one, lady.” She winced, “damn, you would of thought I would of remembered you.. Apparently you weren’t that good ofa kill then.. so” She tilted her head back and forth and smiled singing a little, “unless you want me to do much worse, like feeding you your own intestine while your spread over a balcony and then remove all of your extremities, I would move along, because I really am..” she slowly licked her lips, “in the mood for blood.” Ravenite blinked at her as he took a step away, he seemed to be shocked by her response. The angel blinked, “you aren’t that scary really, dark one. And as I’ve said, its either you both go, or I’ll radio the rest of my family.”

She stepped forward, “the wonderful color of blood would truly make my morning this Christmas Eve..and it would match the color of this carpet.” The angel looked directly at her, “I am going to count to 3 and if you both are still here, I am gonna make that call. ” She yawned as she quickly spit out “1….2….3″ The angel looked at them both “3….2″ She leaned forward and got in the angels face as she said “1″ counting the number for her. Jenivive pulled the radio from her pocket and quickly spoke into it “We have shadows in our office.” It was at that instant that she stepped back and winked at Ravenite, “dinner time.” Ravenite slowly grabbed his flamethrower, “this place is going to be torched.” Ravenite aimed it towards her, “warned and warned again, now its time for a buuuuurn.” As the woman collapsed onto the floor Ravenite summoned the fires of hell raising his free hand as a small spout of flames gushed out from it burning the angel. She rocked on her heels as she watches the show “you know this could of all been avoided if you would of just left. All I wanted was to leave Jon a note and a present.” She shrugged as she spun in a small little circle, “oh well Merry Christmas, death sucks to be ya.”

It was at that moment that Solus walked in and looked around and noticed Jenivive on the floor, “what the fuck is going on here?” Ravenite smirked.. “just redecorating.” Solus was outraged as he started to yell, “What you do to her?” Solus started to front up Ravenite, “What you say?” Ravenite chuckled, “all your base are belong to us.” Solus growled, “is that right?” Ravenite just continued to smile, “We have set you up the bomb.” She couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she started to hear the song go through her head and think that everyone is turning Japanese…turning Japanese.. oh yes she thinks so. Solus immediately went for his weapons, “well then I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna whoop your ass and make you deactivate the bomb, prepare to pay.” Ravenite just laughed.

As the two ran out the door chasing each other with guns she looked down to see the angel start to regain consciousness. She looked down at her, “if I were you I’d stay down till he gets back or my promise will come true.” The canary looked up to her and shook her head, she tried to talk, but the weakness and pain got into her. She simply smiled, “good girl.” The angel closed her eyes and started to pray to herself, the words were inaudible, “Let justice and Righteous prevail oh Dear God.” She looked down at the woman as she saw her closer her eyes she felt the need to leave the woman a friendly reminder and she pulled her arm back and swung her fist straight forward towards her jaw attempting to break it. The woman screamed and winced in pain. She reached down and picked up the angel by the hair and pulled her towards the door, “That was just a friendly reminder of what can happen to you.”

The angel tried not to move as she was drug by the hair and screamed even harder when her burnt skin was dragged over the frozen snow. She yelled “stop it” but it didn’t help her. She was deaf to the woman’s screams as she drug her up and dropped her over into the nativity scenes empty crib and smiled, “oh praise the Lord, the tinnie tiny baby Jesus, 8 pounds 6 ounces has returned.” She walked back to the office leaving the woman there to rot for all she cared and hummed jingle bells. She left a candy cane on the desk with a little note finally for Jon saying, “Have a Merry Christmas.”

In Dream Land..

She laid back on the bed as she stared up the ceiling, her feet and legs dangling over the edge. The heaviness of her boots pulled on her legs and she sighed as she grunted forcing herself to sit up and slide her boots off. She was tired and it seemed like it had been ages since she had been able to sleep for more then 2 solid hours. It wasn’t long before the exhaustion overcame her and she fell into a deep sleep curled up onto the bed in a tight ball. The dream was in her mind before she knew it…

~~She walked into the church and looked up stumbling unable to believe her eyes… “D.. D..ev?” She noticed him look down and spot a bible that she had previously torn up on the ground and curse under his breath,”damn kids vandalizing things.” He looked up hearing her voice, “good afternoon Vishous.” She tried to regain her composure, “your….alive?”

He folded his arms across his chest and nodded, “in a sense… yes I am.” She let her eyes drift to the bible and then back up to Dev finally noticing the wings on his back, “oh that means all the rumors I have heard are true?” Dev looked back to the bible, then to her, “that depends… what are the rumors?” She spoke softly, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, “you were killed… by that mutt Wotan.. I .. I thought you were gone, especially right after we started talking again and made amends, then I heard you had been seen here.” She looked around the church and shivered. Dev grinned and nodded, “well, I guess the rumors are true then.” He reached down and picked the bible up, holding it together at the seams putting it back down onto the podium. She couldn’t help but step forward and touch him lightly.

Dev smirked at her, “you still like rubbing up on me don’t ya?” She completely disregarded the statement and jumped up to give him a hug. He caught her and laughed “second shadow hug I got today. You guys missed me the last couple days.” She snarled, “who was the first?” Dev smiled “Kishi was the first, she didn’t press quite as tightly as you though.” She stepped back, “I just figured it was more then that I was a shadow, but if that’s how you feel.” Dev shrugged, “friends or no, you’re still a shadow.. no changing that no changing the way I feel about them.” She glared at him, “same could be said about you when you were in the pack, but I looked past that for you.” Dev quirked a brow, “you should be glad I was in the pack, its what got us speaking again.”

She was suddenly starting to get angry, in a moment that she should be re-joicing that her dear friend was back she wanted to strangle him, “well maybe if you would of taken two seconds to speak to me about my change and what happened instead of going all billy gun on my ass you would understand why I am where I am now.” Dev laughed, “you mean changing from a good guy to a shadow? I didn’t need to ask about that it was self explanatory.” She stepped back even further away from him, “so you assume…” Dev immediately came back at her, “I’m no fool Vishous, I had seen it done before.. the shadows tempting the Righteous girls into joining them, turning them against the Righteous.. you weren’t the first nor will you be the last.” She wanted to hit him suddenly but she refrained and tried to keep her composure as she spoke to him, “So you think it was all about them trying to get me out of the Righteous, it had nothing to do with the way you PEOPLE were treating me or the condition that the Righteous was in?”

Dev continued to speak in a hard firm voice, “the condition of the Righteous was irrelevant, it needed changes and they were being made. I never treated you poorly until you disrespected me.” She tightened her fist into a little ball as she looked at him, “it went down hill even more then that and you know it.. do you remember why I disrespected you?” Dev shook his head at her,”no I don’t.” She growled slightly and then took a deep breath trying to calm herself, “so you make assumptions based on things that you don’t even remember?” Dev cleared his throat, “I know I wouldn’t have done something without just cause, I never do.” She took a deep breath again, “your just cause was the demands of Jonathan and he was half the problems.” Dev glared back at her, “you know as well as I do that I never took commands if I didn’t agree with them.”

She wanted to smack him, hit him… do anything to him to try and knock some sense into him, “but the point is Dev, you never came and spoke with me, you just fucking did what you assumed was right.. you didn’t give me a chance.” Dev sighed, ” and I apologized to you just the other day.” She looked down at the ground and took a deep breath, “I know, but as you can see I was still hurt.. it doesnt matter now, forget I said anything.” Dev looked over to her, “well I apologize again Vishous, perhaps you’ll forgive and forget.” She tried not to think about it anymore as she glanced over at the disheveled bible “what happened to your all mighty book?” Dev shrugged, “I’m not sure, I just found it laying on the floor when I walked in.” She looked at the book without expression, “shame, who would want to tear up..” she threw up some air quotes for the next line “something so precious.” She caught a glimpse at her right hand and was disgusted by it and put it quickly behind her back so as not to see it.

Dev sighed and shook his head, “I don’t mock the way you do things Vishous, I’ll ask you to extend the same courtesy.” She sighed, “I’m sorry Dev, first I heard about what happened with you then I got a reality check from a fucking KA, I haven’t been in the best of moods lately.” Dev stepped up beside her, moving his left arm behind her back grabbing for her right hand, “Is this the reality check you go?” She looked away as she tried to yank her hand back ashamed, it was at that moment another angel by the name of Dena approached, she watched Dev and asked, “everything alright over there?” Dev looked over and nodded to Dena, “everything’s fine.” Dena nodded and moved on as Dev returned his look to her, “so is that what you meant Vish? Got a little roughed up by a Kindred.” She glared down at the ground before looking back up to Dev, “my hand back please…”

Dev released her hand and then stepped back as she growled lightly “he took my fucking trigger finger Dev, how would you feel, I’m only human, it’s not like the bloody damn thing will grow back on its own.” Dev nodded in understanding and then asked, “I supposed he did this to you unprovoked?” She bit her lip before she continued, “he called me out in haven, about a grudge that he held for a long time. Something I totally forgot about. Apparently I took his liver for Quiet… hell I think that was even back when I was still in the Righteous.” Dev laughed, “funny how things come back around no?” She snarled and growled at him, “I appreciate you not mocking me, SIR, I never antagonized you when you were hurt and injured.” Dev covered his mouth hiding the smile, “you’re right Vishous, I apologize… have you spoken with Terrox about giving you an attachment for it?” She looked back up to him calming down once again, “I havn’t seen Terrox, nor Farea…” Dev nodded, “you should see them before you lose all feeling in the finger, perhaps they can fix you up.’” She blinked “lose all feelin in the finger Dev? Its gone…” She held up her hand again only showing just the four fingers and a matted bandage. Dev sighed, “before you lose all the nerves in it, or whatever they are.” Dev looked up to the balcony and then back to her “if you will excuse me Vishous I need to attend to a few things in the office.” She sighed and stepped back looking around the room suddenly noticing everyone around, “right I’m out anyways, don’t want to interrupt bible study.”

She woke up slowly and groggy at first.. rolling over to check the time. She was shocked, she had actually slept for a solid six hours. Then suddenly the nights events flooded back to her and she sat up right to check her hand. She breathed a sigh of relief when she noticed all five fingers still in place, only a scar remained in a ring around her finger. A friendly reminder that it had been removed at one point in time. She fell back onto the bed with a sigh as she groaned when she hit her head on the head board slightly. She could already tell, she was waking up to what was going to be a wonderful day.

Gotta be Somebody

To her… life was music and music was life. Songs represented her feelings and motivated her. As she flipped threw the albums on the DJ deck she came to a sudden stop. She pulled the record from the sleeve and lowered it onto the player carefully. As she slid the headphones on and eased herself into the chair the sounds of the song filled her head and she knew as she sang along that this song was hers.

This time, I wonder what it feels like

To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of

But dreams just aren’t enough

So I’ll be waiting for the real thing, I’ll know it by the feeling

The moment when we’re meeting, will play out like a scene

Straight off the silver screen

So I’ll be holding my breath, right up ’til the end

Until that moment when, I find the one that I’ll spend forever with.

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there

Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Someone to love with my life in their hands

There’s gotta be somebody for me like that

Cause nobody wants to do it on their own

And everyone wants to know they’re not alone

There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There’s gotta be somebody for me out there.

Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight

and dammit this feels too right, it’s just like deja vu

Me standing here with you

So I’ll be holding my breath, could this be the end?

Is it that moment when, I find the one that I’ll spend forever with.

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there

Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Someone to love with my life in their hands

There’s gotta be somebody for me like that

Cause nobody wants to do it on their own

And everyone wants to know they’re not alone

There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There’s gotta be somebody for me out there

You can’t give up, when you’re looking for a diamond in the rough cause you never know

When it shows up, make sure you’re holding on

Cause it could be the one, the one you’re waiting on

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there

And everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Someone to love with my love life in their hands

There’s gotta be somebody for me, oh

Nobody wants to do it on their own

And everyone wants to know they’re not alone

There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There’s gotta be somebody for me out there

Nobody wants to be the last one there

Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares

There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There’s gotta be somebody for me out there…

She repeated the words over and over in her head to herself as she slowly slid her headphones off…. She sighed and picked up her guns and her blades returning them to her proper position after taking them off to help her relax. It was time to return to her life… She slowly rose and made her way towards the exit.

I'd Come For You...

Just One more moment, that’s all that’s needed.

Like wounded soldiers in need of healing.

TIme to be honest, this time I’m bleeding

Please don’t dwell on it, cause I didn’t mean it.

I can’t believe I said I’d lay our love on the ground

But it dosn’t matter cause I’ve made it up forgive me now

Everyday I spend away my souls inside out

Gotta be someway that I can make it up to you now, somehow.

By now you’d know that I’d come for you

No one but you, yes I’d come for you

But only if you told me to

And I’d fight for you

I’d lie, it’s true

Give my life for you

You know I’d always come for you.

I was blindfolded, but now I’m seeing

My mind was closing, now I’m believing

I finally know what just what it means to let someone in

To see the side of me that no one does or ever will

So if your ever lost and find yourself all alone

I’d search forever just to bring you home,

Here and now this I vow

By now you’d know that I’d come for you

No one but you, yes I’d come for you

But only if you told me to

And I’d fight for you

I’d lie, its true

Give my life for you

You know I’d always come for you

You know I’d always come for you.

Yes I’d come for you, no one but you,

Yes I’d come for you

But only if you told me to

And I’d fight for you

I’d lie, it’s true

Give my life for you

You know I’d always come for you

No matter what gets in my way

As long as there’s still life in me

No matter what, remember you know I’ll always come for you

I’d crawl across this world for you

Do anything you want me to

No matter what, remember you know I’ll always come for you

You know I’ll always come for you.


A Sweet Steak...

She was irritable and things were easily annoying her. All she wanted to do was mame and rip apart something. For some reason, however, everything she approached or wanted to kill somehow ended up.. walking away. It has been two days now and she still wasn’t able to call her shadows. The empitness she was starting to fill inside was consuming her. She had no patience for anything and the human emotional needs she usually suppressed were rising to the top. She noticed it the most when she sat one evening on the beach with Shaynee, wishing more then anything that her dear Demon friend could turn into a male. It had been over a year since she had last known or felt a mans touch in a loving way.

As she hopped down from the pit’s ramp she noticed Blue, Ravenite and Jon. She had almost forgotten about dear Jon. She saw her mentor briefly one evening in the Haven but she had been without him for so long it was as if her mind had completely written him off. She remained quiet as she joined her family. Before she knew it Ravenite had a finger on her forehead pushing her back complaining about his happy bubble space and she started growling. It was at that moment that Jon’s voice caught her attention. Not everyone knew the history between her and her old friend, her former Righteous leader. An outsiders view would but the two at mild flirting when the true case was it was mild teasing.

They spoke of Christmas dinner and the thought of something other then a brothy soup excited her. She never claimed that she ate properly, half the time she either forgot or was to fueled on adrenaline to even feel any hunger. She smiled at the thought of something warm and her mind began to wander when she suddenly noticed everyone else had left and she was now left alone with him and he was much closer. She raised her hand and cupped his cheek softly “Why are you being so nice to a shadow?” His words moved over her ears and she remembered the days that they spoke and worked together daily. He reminded her that it did not matter what house she resided in, it only mattered that they were close friends.

When he realized her hunger pains and her excitement over the food he drug her to the diner. He didn’t know her eating habits and she didn’t want to let him know either. He would start to worry, she knew he would. He wandered into the freezer pulling out a rotten steak. His hand glowed as the steak took on a fresh appeal, rejuvenating the rotting meat. He grilled it lightly for her and tossed it on a plate passing it to her. She disregarded all of her lady like manners when the smell hit her nose, her stomach growled and she grabbed onto the steak with her hands before ripping into it chewing rapidly. He blinked and he was shocked, “maybe I should cook for you once a day or at least once a week.” She liked that idea. It meant two things to her. One she was going to get a decent meal at least once a week and also be able to put everything going on around her on hold and be able to enjoy a peaceful meal and conversation with Jon, just like the old times. She missed her old dear friend and hoped that despite whatever his ears heard of her actions as he returned and made his rounds, he wouldn’t be deterred.

The Return...

She returned to that exact same spot on the beach as she had multiple times everyday, she expected nothing different. As the week had past she had almost given up hope. She had devised a plan that if the shadows did return she would move the cloud into the pit to try and bring strength back into Dante. She couldn’t bare to know he was out here alone. As she slowly approached the beach she noticed that his shadows had finally returned. She rushed forward and immediately started her work. She closed her eyes and focused all of her concentration on manipulating the shadows.

She held out her two palms as she slowly started to move her arms in a circular motion. Her intent was to form the shadows together tightly and maintain control of them for as long as she could. The shadows moved slowly at first and then started to follow the formation of her arms motions moving tightly into a ball. She kept her focus as she slowly turned her hand over allowing the ball of shadows to levitate just above it. She took a small step forward testing to see if the ball would follow her hand as it did she knew she had finished step one.

She lowered the shadows onto the symbol engraved into the pit floor hoping the strength of the house would help mend Dante. She hesitated as she waited patiently. Suddenly the shadows started to form and she saw his body’s outline. It was at that exact moment that she started to pace and held out her arms as she pulled at the shadows around her forcing them into the circle to help and feed him. He slowly rose as the the volcano below them rumbled fumes, coming up loudly from the grates. His body formed slowly overtime taking the true shape of the Dante she knew.

She saw that the shadows were helping. She closed her eyes tightly as she pulled everything including some of her own shadow into the circle as Dante spun and rotated. Moments later she looked up, Dante was standing over her. Dante… was back. She instantly stumbled to her feet as she bum rushed him jumping into his arms. He spoke of how much more alive he felt. There was nothing that could take this moment away from him. She backed up away from him slowly feeling empty inside. The emptiness was not the lack of emotion or lack of caring.. the emptiness was the feeling as if the darkness had left her. She refused to look up to Dante, she needed to escape. She ran from him at that moment knowing that she would see him again.

She eased herself into the chair of Haven as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She slowly lifted her hand as she straightened up and focused everything she had on her palm. Except there was something missing. No matter how hard she tried nothing came. She didn’t feel the darkness of the shadows flood over her eyes, she didn’t feel the pull of the shadows move through her hands. She got up and threw the chair against the wall in frustration as she headed for the back. She breathed heavily as she finally looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes… were normal. There was no darkness there, only the bright vibrant purple that she was once known for. She hadn’t seen that color in her eyes in months. She slammed her fist into the mirror feeling the glass shatter and crack beneath her knuckles as she yelled out in anger.

She walked out of the Haven with blood dripping from her hand as she went to seek the darkness again.

Family Problems

She faced off to Kobe, she was tired of her trash talking and her ignorant mouth. Shinya, Ravenite, and Phynix had already attempted to take the vampire down, however she was too strong for them. She was cocky and she was trying to take advantage of the family. That would not be the case while she was around. She was a reaver and it was her job to make sure things like this didn’t happen. She gave Kobe fair enough warning to leave, as she lowered her blades slowly, she realized that it was going to take more than words to remove her. She called her guns from the shadows to her hands as she held on to them tightly and raised them up to Kobe. They fought and they fought, and they fought for 30 long minutes before finally, her stamina was no match to Kobe’s. She collapsed to her knees feeling the bullet wound in her stomach as she glared up to her. Kobe had finally gotten her satisfaction, she wanted a challenging fight.

She made her way to the pit as Shinya coated her with shadows helping heal the minor cuts that she had received from the passing bullets. She slumped over onto the couch as the anger started to overwhelm her; she stood up and pulled her dagger from behind her back. She closed her eyes at first and then opened them slowly. Completely coated in shadows she used the adrenaline and darkness to fuel her as she dug the dagger into her stomach to extract the bullet. She dropped the empty casing and bloody dagger onto the floor as she continues to stand there, blood pouring down her stomach. She didn’t even care anymore. Physical injuries were nothing to her. Finally, Shaynee stepped in and laid a warming hand on her shoulder as the bullet wound started to close. It was at that time she mentally lost it, she collapsed on to the couch curling up into a little ball.. “I need to go to the beach, I need to see him.”

She visited the beach again; as she had every day looking down to see if the shadows had returned. To her disappointment, there was nothing. She lowered her head and turned making her way to Haven. She needed a break, away from everything and alcohol was the only way she knew how to make it happen.

She walked into haven and paused as she looked around, at that exact moment she heard Ravenite’s voice “well, look what the cat dragged in.” She sighed, she wasn’t in the mood, but she bucked it up and moved over to the table noticing Blue, Monk, Ravenite, and her sister. She walked up to her sister, Devi’s chair and rested a hand lightly on the back as she spoke “Interesting crowd.” She heard Ravenite start to say “Hey Catt…” he stopped midway and changed his words “Sister.” She acknowledged both Ravenite and Blue as she looked down to Monk and smiled “hello my friend.” Monk was a friend of Devi’s that she watched over closely, last time she had spoke to him he had backed away from her trembling. She wanted to make sure he kept that up; she would not have anything happen to her sister. Devi looked to her and grinned “hello sis.”

Ravenite nodded “I’m sorry, when me and your sister get together, things get wild, she has some interesting kinks.” Blue grinned to her and leaned over Ravenite. She let her hand run softly over Devi’s neck, her flowing red hair tickled and circled around her fingers as she looked back down to her, “so how are things love? Is Monk treating you well?” Ravenite turned his attention back on to Devi as his eyes focused onto her chest “Well something’s certainly run in the family.” Devi looked around the table, “well, it’s a interesting life I lead I guess. Who knows, if I play my cards right I might even get to see you all in my dreams tonight.” Devi slid her finger over the rim of her glass as she idly lifted the finger to her lips before looking up to her, “what brings you to Haven Vish?” She shrugged in response “I came for a drink and decided to stop when I saw some interesting folks,” her eyes trailed over to Monk “and decided to entertain myself with conversation.” She looked up to Blue and Ravenite and asked politely “and how are things going you two?”

She noticed Monk lean back as Blue caught her attention with a smile, “things are great, just need to feed.” She shook her head at Blue’s comment “You won’t be getting anything from me today hun, I don’t know what came over me, but its over.” Blue chuckled “Damn, you sis you were a good meal that day.” Ravenite perked up at that time smirking “you seem to have a refreshed soul though, why not feed a brother?” She laughed at Blue’s comments “well if you insist Blue,” she looked down to Monk “I’m sure I can play with someone to feed you,” she ignored Ravenite’s comment about eating her soul. Ravenite crossed his arms “just let me nibble a little blondie.” She winked to Blue as she looked down over Monk sliding her hand away from Devi moving it over to try and trace lightly over his arm, “my soul is my own Raven… nibble on my sisters.” Monk’s hair stood up as she touched him as Ravenite continued on “mmmm so I got your permission to nibble on your sister’s soul…how…delightful,” his eyes flared up as he looked over Devi.

Devi glared at her “he can try, of course he might break a tooth, witches don’t make tender morsels.” She shrugged listening to her sister “she needs to turn, I can’t seem to talk her into it sooo…” she smiled as she leaned forward towards Monk letting her eyes move over him, “hello Monk.” Monk looked up to her as he tried to speak “ummmm… hi” She motioned towards his lap as she smiled sweetly “Can I join you, we seem to be out of chairs and I would love a place to get comfortable.” He looks up to her “I guess.” Devi’s eyes flared green for a second as she frowned, she didn’t trust her when she was in this kind of mood. She took Monk’s answer as a yes as she slid into his lap to the side her legs hanging over the chairs edge lightly as she let a hand trace lightly over his muzzle, “thank you.” Monk shivered a bit “no problem.” She noticed the shiver as she leaned as she leaned up against him letting her fingers walk over his shoulder lightly, “why are you trembling?” Monk tried his best to stop as he mumbled “just got cold.” She moved her hand to the side and lightly whispered in his ear, “It doesn’t have anything to do with me does it?” Devi frowned at her “don’t you have your own friends to mack on woman?” Monk shook his head no as she moved forward and purred lightly in Monk’s ear as she looked at her sister letting her head rest on Monk’s chest lightly, “I think you were busy trying to defend your soul from Raven or shall I find another way to make it change?”

Devi’s eyes began to glow as she glared at her, her fingers begin to drum on the table and her breath escaped out in a hiss, “my soul is just fine as it is. Mind your own my sister.” She shifted slightly as she got more comfortable against Monk, using his body for warmth, “your soul may be fine in your eyes, but once again as we previously discussed you are denying your true nature… why do you fight it? Why will you not let the true Devi come out?” Ravenite spoke up suddenly “is she on her period or something?” Devi looked to them both, “well I am feeling some mood swings, so you never know dear sweet Raven. And Vishy, be careful what you wish for, the last time a Nightfire sister turned we had our blood on the streets. Do you really think I would willingly evoke that again?” She held out her palm as her sister finished her words as her eyes flooded over with shadows, a small shadow like creature came forth as she lowered it to the table, the creature danced over to Devi and began to manipulate her concentration as she whispered softly to her sister, “playing in the shadows is fun my love.”

Devi glared at the little creature watching it dance as Ravenite got excited “its mini Dante!!!” before he continued on, “you know Vish, your sis would look hot as one of us.” She slammed her hand down on the table at that instant, the shadow creature suddenly dissipated as she glared at her sister “I have been far to kind to you lately my sister; I have let you feel your way around this city like a lost cause but our family bloodlines are too strong to let you continue on this path, you will change or you will be forced to change.” She leaned back up against Monk letting her free hand trace lightly over his fur. Ravenite came back with one of his famous one liners as her eyes never moved from her sisters, “Well…that gave me a hardon.” Devi started to speak trying to change the top of conversation “sooooo anyways, anyone going to the Righteous ball?” Devi jumped when she heard her slam her hand on to the table and started to yell back to her “I shall choose my own path Vishous. You shall not choose for me. You have learned nothing if you think force will sway me!”

Her hand balled into a fist onto the table as her eyes turned completely dark, the shadows still dancing over them, “then you have failed to learn exactly what it is I do my sister, I want you to be complete and a part of a new family, a family that is stronger then anything you could of ever imagined. You will understand dear love that you need to change and feel the power that is hiding within you.” Her fingers started to tap repeatedly on the table as she grew more agitated in a small beating rhythm. Ravenite smirked eyeing Devi, “you know, four shadows holding you down as a fifth places some demonic seeds into you will get you singing a very different tone.” Her fingers suddenly came to a stop as she continues to glare at Devi speaking quietly “Raven, despite his crude tactics has a point. I am not the only one who thinks you would do well with the family.” She turns her attention back to Monk as she lets her hand trace over his muzzle lightly, “maybe we should have Monk do the dirty work and have a little nibble on you hmmm?”

Devi’s eyes started to glow, her powers flaring to life within, “I imagine it would. But I would not go quietly into the night. Thou underestimate me severely I think. I am not some common street tramp standing on a corner to be molded to someone else’s will. I am a daughter of witches and kings. I am a Nightfire. My soul is my own and ya’ll can kiss my ass!” Devi suddenly raised out of her chair in a flurry glaring at them all as she whirled around and strode out of Haven. As she left all you could hear was her muttering “bloody shadows” as a trail of green light followed her. It was at that time she took her leave, she stood slowly as her frowned.. could anything go right today?

What Else is There?

She spent 4 days and nights in the snow on the beach until one morning she woke up and realized he was gone. She didn’t know if he would ever be coming back, but that morning when she awoke a little piece of her died. She looked over herself for the first time fully taking in what she did to herself and she didn’t care. Shaynee and Devi had visited occassionally to check on her and bring her food but she was so catatonic she couldn’t focus on anything but him. Her skin was dry and broken, she was pale and could barely keep herself standing from malnurishment…but none of it mattered any more, she knew she would physically be able to heal. She sighed as she slowly walked away from the beach… everything else would take much longer.

She spent the next two days unsure what she was doing herself. All she knew that in the back of her mind she didn’t want to loose anyone else. Dante meant more to her then most people would probably ever realize. She stood in th street and looked up suddenly catching the sight of Dev. Dev who was now human, his angel wings torn from him like a branch is ripped off of a tree. She decided she couldnt hold back any longer. She needed to talk to him.

She looked up to him as she met him in the Ryder base.. “how long have we known each other Dev?” Dev shrugged “What a year or so? Wanna go upstairs? Its a little warmer there.” She nodded slowly her mind already trying to comprehend how she was going to tell him what she really wanted to tell him as she slowly followed him up the stairs. Dev took a seat into a chair as she took one next to him.. “Alright Vish spill it…whats on your mind?” She looked over to him “Your human now right?” Dev nodded “Yup, I figured it out when I had to start shaving.”

She slowly lowered the hood on her sweatshirt from her head as she looked over to him “I really don’t know where to start.” She leaned forward bending over at the waist slightly as her body lightly trembled trying to find the words. Dev drummed his fingers against his stomach, watching her patiently. She spoke slowly at first “Being human makes you realize things Dev.. I don’t know if you know this or not…but it makes you value what you have.” She looked up to the ceiling and then closed her eyes before she looked back down to stare at the ground, “there has been one constant thing in Toxia Dev since I’ve been here.. do you know what that is?” Dev shook his head “nope, sure don’t.”

She felt sick.. why was she doing this? She let a hand rest on her stomach and then took a deep breath before closing her eyes, her voice trembled as she fought to say the word.. “you.” Dev nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders, “yup and most of the others who are too stupid to leave..whats your point?” She clamped her hands together to hide her trembling as she glared at the floor in frustration “Could you please try not to be an asshole for like 5 god damn minutes?” Dev paused a moment before continuing “Sorry, you just aren’t making any sense to me.. I got you being all weird, Shaynee talking some weird stuff.. so yeah I’ve been here and im constant, so is the church, the pit, this garage.. whats your point?”

Suddenly it hit her.. the same feeling that shes had since she left the beach that morning and met with Quiet and Shaynee, and intense feeling of lust and passion and an urge that started to drive her bonkers. She sighed and shook her head “I’m ignoring the fact right now of everything my body wants to do to you and I’m talking to you.. you Dev.. you have been constant in my life since I came here.. you mentored me, you made me think, we’ve both changed but despite all of that, we still talk..” She took a deep breath and bent over at the waist again trying to compose her thoughts so she didn’t continue to babble on. Dev raised a brow and asked sarcastically “Is it the hair? I knew the chicks would dig the hair.” She looked around the room suddenly before dropping her head down in between her knees, she debated standing and walking out.. she was trying her best to tell him something that she has been wanting to tell him for a long time but she was beginning to to think that it was a mute point she mumbled slightly “Why am I even bothering?”

Dev sighed and reached over resting the palm of his hand on her back rubbing her gently “Sorry Vish, go ahead and tell me what you’re trying to say I’ll quit playing around.” Her body trembled lightly at his touch but she forced herself to continue to stare down at the ground as she kept her voice low, “Dev, I have been through more then you could ever believe, and you were a part of that always some how.” She paused as she tried to control the trembling on her body before continuing “I was told something that has made me realize my mortality as a human.” She lowered her head, the lose of someone so close caused Jonny’s words to echo in her head more and more each day as she whispered them remembering the day she heard them for the first time “like a falling leaf in autumn.”

Dev pulled his hand back as he looked at her, he nodded to her “What was that?” She looked up finally and met his eyes with here’s, “I nedto keep something constant in my life. I need to make sure, despite how much time I have left in this mortal life with a family of immortals, that I have you somehow.” Dev cracked a smile and reached over patting her on the back “you don’t have to worry about me going anywhere Vish, mortal or not i’m still pretty tough.” She continued to look at him at first “Dev, honestly despite everything we’ve been through I have always thought of you as a dear friend of mine in this city..” she looked away and then looked down to the ground as her leg started to bounce up and down lightly as her nervousness showed. She bit her lip as she tried to figure out how to tell him the next part.

Dev chuckled lightly as he looked over to her “I guess, in some weird fucked way we have been close over the year, whether trying to kill one another.. or you know just whatever.. yeah I guess we have been pretty good friends. ” She nodded to him slowly as she stood and moved close to him, she hesitated as she reached out to take his hand, “I don’t want you to misunderstand this next part because its not words I use very often.” Her fingers brushed lightly over his hand as she looked him directly in the eyes “There is a place for you in my heart..” Dev looked up at her, his eyes were wide and he started to stammer “Uhh, yea I care about you as well…” She looked down at him as she reached out and brushed her hand lightly across his cheek as she crouched beside the chair next to himwatching his reactions “Whats wrong?” Dev laughed nervously, and watched her hand closely, “Oh nothing.. just the softer side is a bit different..” She instantly pulled her hand away as she looked down to the ground once again “and you still can’t trust me.. okay yes I will admit it..there is something inside of me that I have never felt before that is making me want to jump on top of you and do things that I have never imagined.. but right now I am fighting all of that to try and have this talk with you, a talk that I have never had the balls, so to speak, to tell you.” She took a deep breath before she continued.. ” I have always had a softer side, just not many get to know it, or even try.”

Dev hesitated slightly before he looked over to her “Well Vish, you have to understand, I’ve trusted you before and it bit me in the ass, and now you come to me saying all of this stuff, I mean how am I supposed to act? Do you think I should just forget everything in the past? And you wanting to jump m bones.. have you been to the coven again? Cuz if so I’d stay away from those damn cookies!” She dropped her head in between her hands and her legs as she remained crouched down next to the chair beside him “Dev you weren’t the only one affected by those things remember?” She stood slowly, as she did lifting her shirt just enough to expose her stomach showing a distinct scar of a V, “you left me something I will never forget.” She looked down to the side as her words became light mumbles, “and no I haven’t been around the coven.. but something is making me want you.. and its killing me.”

Dev reached his hand out and ran his gloved fingers across her scar, “It healed up better then I expected, and yes I know it affected us both, but you’ve done some pretty gnarly shit in your short time here.” She closed her eyes and fought back any reaction her body wanted to have to his touch until his hand fell from her skin. She took a deep breath as she let her shirt fall down back into place as she looked back up to him once again, “my sister does well when it comes to healing..” She moved forward and crouched down in front of him as she looked up to him her eyes wide, “set everything aside of what I have done to other people along with yourself, focus on the you and me right now, can we make it work? Can we still continue to be friends?”

His eyes watched her shirt fall and cover the scar, turning his attention fully to her and not her shape he nodded once with a warm smile, “yes Vish, I do believe we can, just try not to kill me anymore?” She reached out her hand instantly at his words to try and gently touch his cheek once again but she pulled it back and let it come to a rest on his chest as she shifted fighting her bodies reactions to him, ”do you think you can handle keeping me alive as well?” Dev smirked at her as his body didn’t tense away from her touch, “yeah I reckon..any suggestions on how we can arrange that?” She stood slowly as she smiled moving her body in close to him, “I’m curious myself if you have any ideas..” Dev shrugged, “I reckon we just go for a tamer version of our past relationship, we can’t play rough forever.”

It was at that point that she lost control, her mind was no longer focusing on Dev the friend, it was focusing on Dev the male subject in front of her. She smiled as she leaned forward at his words as she let her lips brush lightly against his cheek one hand coming to a rest lightly on his chest, “your right, but playing rough is fun sometimes.” Dev smiled wide as he shifted in his seat, almost blushing he playfully winked at her, “well, yeah I suppose it is…so umm this whole wanting to jump my bones thing.. you wanna go to the back?” She looked over her shoulder towards the back as she looked back to him her body shifting suddenly as she purred to him “you have no idea.” It was at that instant that Dev suddenly stood to his feet and popped her on the ass, “get outta here kiddo, you don’t wanna have any regrets.”

She rubbed her ass lightly with her hand as she looked forward to him, “regret what exactly?” She reached out and grabbed lightly onto his jacket starting to mumble, “this is where the fun starts.” Dev shook his head and nudged her towards the door, “no this is where the fun ends and we get to stay civil for another year.” She tilted her head to the side as she backed up slowly towards the stairs, “how do you resist something you know you want?” Dev grinned, “its one of those beautiful things us mortals have..its called a conscientious, and I know if I were to take you in that back room, or even have the slightest urge to take you into that back room it would be bad for us and all those nice things you just said to me would be shit out the window.” She looked down and hesitated before speaking to himagain “two consenting adults, can’t have fun?” Her body heat was rising as she took a deep breath, “nothing will change what I just told you Dev, I have wanted to tell you that before you even became an angel, its something I’ve been holding back for a long time.”

Dev looked across at her, she could tell there was strain in his voice, “two consenting adults can have fun yes, one consenting adult and another having a weird time in her life right now, No. They can’t have a good time.” She sighed as she looked away, “and suddenly I feel like I’mgetting lectured by a teacher.” She turned towards the stairs as she looked back over her shoulder at him once again in a final plea, “what if I didn’t tell you everything?” Dev sighed as he flopped back into his chair, “have a good evening Vish, come back when you wanna go for a joy ride.” She smiled and laughed lightly as she continued to look back to him, “you would have a lot of joy on the ride I was about to give you..” He smirked as she shook his head and waved his hand at her, “go on kiddo, before you get us bothin trouble.” She turned around one more time as she took a step back letting her hand trace softly over her collar bone, “just say yes Dev.” It was at that time she saw Dev turn his gaze to the window and wave her away once more not saying a word. She hesitated as she spoke up, “just one more thing Dev, then I promise I’ll go since I can’t seem to break you?” He finally looked back to her, “ask away Vish.” It was at that instant she moved across the room, her long legs reaching and jumping up onto him before he had a chance to react. She wrapped her legs and arms around him tightly as she embraced him in a tight hug. He chewed on his cheek and looked off to the side as he held her up before speaking softly, “alright now get outta here.” She pulled his face over to look at her as she planted a soft kiss on his lips, “don’t look like its going to kill you smexy,” she winked at himas she turned and darted down the stairs. As she hit the bottom of the steps she heard Dev’s faint words as he looked down at his arousal and grumbled, “you’re an idiot.”

Into the Shadows...

She whipped her blades around towards Dante as she heard him laugh “Oh fuck it.. let it out.” Her frustration was beyond her, she normally never took out her anger on her brother and closest friend but he hit a nerve with his light bantering and teasing. He slowly came to a standing position as she stood next to him.. her guns still drawn and her blades at ready as he tisked at her “temper..temper.” She scoffed as she looks to him “You of all people Dante…” she turned her back to him and crossed her arms grumbling about the “Vish the fish the bish” comment. Dante rolled his eyes and watched as she turned her back on him “and I’ll repeat.. temper temper..” She was being a stubborn mule as she practically threw her nose in the air snub nosing him. He took a seat behind her speaking softly “I’ve been through hell and back these last few days.. and am still in hell… a stubborn and bratty sister couldn’t you’re only wasting your own time doing so.” A sudden rush of guilt moved through her as she lowered her head and turned around to face him. Dante slowly raised his head to look up at her “finished with the tantrum?” She raised an eyebrow “finished insuiating I smell funny?” Dante sat back and got more comfortable as he continued to speak quietly ” light teasing, nothing compared to what’s been dealt your way by others.” She dropped down to the ground as she looked up to him “So I’m sensitive when it comes to you..” Dante nodded slowly “So I just witnessed..” his focus moved down to the snow remembering his first initial days within this place and he began to trace symbols and shapes with a finger tip. She stared down at the ground momentarily and then looked back up to him as she tilted her head watching him slowly “Im sorry.” Dante’s voice carried across to her, almost in a hollow tone, his eyes still fixated before him as his finger continues the pieces before him “it’s fine.”

She slowly stretched her leg out in curiosity as she sat across from him and tapped his foot lightly “watcha doing?” Dante blinked in timing with her tapping his shoe shaking his head slowly as if it was numb “nothing..” His eyes still fixated on the drawings before him he drops a second finger, swaying them in a forked motion to add to the symbols effortlessly, and as if even unknowingly “Redo”. The images before him grew larger, and his eyes seemed to tear downwards within shadow streams beginning to fill in the hieroglyphic like forms he etched in. She pulled her foot back wrapping her arms around her legs as she watched Dante with concerned eyes, she was unfamiliar with the symbols and she wasn’t sure exactly what was happening to him, she shivered slightly from the cold as she closed her eyes momentarily before focusing her attention back on him. Dante’s eyes continued to stream while the backs of his hands laid on the snow. The shadows washing over the symbols, he murmured “redo”.. they then began to split and rush back up and over his shoulders “presence” His palms now beginning to darken, shadows seeping up and out from the snow and washing over his legs “unity”. Finally the shadows rushed over him quickly in a violent manner unseen before.. this time not from his own control. They lashed over him freezing him instantly, not a single fidget, shake or falter could be noticed.

Dante remained still for what seemed like an eternity, then suddenly his head snapped up to what seems like a glare directly into her eyes. Only beams of a harsh but pale blue emitted from his eyes through the think shadow-like squall that rushed over him. A deep rumble was heard from his chest, almost that of something satanic “THERE IS NO LIGHT!” As quick as it had all happened it was over, his eyes faded immediately and his body collapsed onto his back while his legs spasmed and wiped out the markings before him, the shadows dissipated and escaped him to fly back into the night’s very own darkness.

She instantly jumped up and was by his side before she even knew how she managed to move so quickly, she closed her eyes as she kneeled beside Dante, shadows forming over her hands as she whispered his name softly. She took a deep breath and then forced her concentration on the shadows as she forced them towards him. Dante’s body rejected the darkness that was sent from her and faded more, he shifted back to his true form. His tentacles laid limp at his sides with his tail looped around a leg and laying at rest upon his stomach. She called his name as she tried to keep herself calm and not panic.. she was at a loss of what to do to help him.

Dante’s body continued to shift, his being slowly becoming nothing more then that of his true existence, a mist of hovering shadows. She stayed by his side. She had already made up her mind that she refused to leave him, no matter what she would be there for when he came around. She moved her fingers lightly over the snow as watched over Dante’s shadowy mist. A single tear rolled down over her cheek. She didn’t remember the last time she cried but she cared for Dante more then anything, and despite what he knew, she would sacrifice her own life and soul to help him. She laid her head on her knees as the tear rolled from her face dropping into the snow. Dante’s mist followed suit with the small breeze coming from the toxic water’s shoreline and swayed ever so slightly as they spiraled in within each other, crashing against oen another at times causing a quiet rumble and spark at the center of his darkness. It was there she laid down beside him, she shivered from the 30 degree weather as she curled up into a small ball going to sleep… waiting..

Know Thy History: Part 3

Dante shifted again only his eyes across to Devi and spoke in a monotone manner “I dont’ snack, I don’t feed at all.” One hand slowly raises to rest his elbow on the arm rest of the chair once more his forearm straightened and he pointed to the ceiling ”shadows are my life, I exist from them, I consist soley of them, and they are a stream of neverend.” Devi blushed “yea okay, sorry. I guess I am totally clueless about that. Most of my studies centered on the lighter side of magic to be honest. Dark Magic is to tempting, I chose to stay away from most of it.. my family seems to be vulnerable to it” her eyes deliberately avoided looking at her as she spoke. She leaned back into her chair relaxing as she listened to Devi speak, her eyes intently danced across the library and then focused on Dante.

Dante lowered his hand and placed it on the edge of the table, sending small shadows from his finger tips to rush across the table in odd spiralling movements towards Devi. They stop just short of her and gather in a large cloud before manipulating and seemingly mutating into small creatures. Sitting on her end of the the table and looking up to her he continued “Because something is within the darkness and haze, and not within the well lit streams you are used to. Would you be making the assumption of implication that it is evil or perhaps of the wrong?” She watched the shadows dance over to Devi across the table, her eyes lighting up with amusement, but she remained silent, she knew it was time for Devi to finally learn the darker side of things, to stray away from the light, away from the divine.

Devi smiled at him gently, her fingers restless on her thigh tracing small patterns almost unthinkingly “the dark holds no fear for me, but there are things in the dark, things that lure the unwary. This I know.” Devi suddenly straightened as she glanced about for a moment her eyes shifting and then landing on a large heavy book “so here is another lesson in history..” the book gently floated over to the table, the gilt lettering on it and is titled Kinder-und-HausmArchen. Devi seemed to be ignoring the dancing little shadows her eyes intent on Dante “stories of the dark.. to scare children.” DAnte raised the rested hand and then slammedit onto the table suddenly, as if summoning his creatures as they appear to lift from the table and lightly shatter and disperse. Racing around her in what sounded like jibberish chants they returned to the cracks between the books on the shelves, under the chairs, and other places throughout the library before he spoke “A fear of the dark isn’t necessary, but an understanding is necessary if you wish to truly understand your own teachings and could wish to preach and make others knowledgeable of the light properly. Would you think?” he looked down at the book with a grin before glancing back up at Devi with a subtle tone “I’m done with literature for the evening, discussion period began a few minutes ago. And.. what is knowledge if you aren’t able to discuss, share, and debate on the things you know?” She held out her own hand to try and play idly with one of the shadow creatures before it danced away amused “Darkness, Devi.. is what drowns out the light.”

Devi nodded and smiled “this is true, you are supposed to seek knowledge to gain power over your fears, your enemies, yourself. But there is a fine line you must walk. If you cross the line while on the search for knowledge you can become addicted. And the darkness would not exist if there was no light Vish One needs the other. You might also say light is what vanishes in the dark.” Dante shifted his body to the other side of his seat as he replied “How would you define such a line? Eager to learn versus addiction?” Devi tilted her head her voice hesitant as if she is feeling her way on a subject that she has not often explored “I suppose, it is when you choose to betray your own moral or personal lines in the sand.. we all have boundaries, rules we set up for ourselves. When we betray ourselves, when we lose ourselves, a person has to decide if this is a transformation or a personal betrayal they are embarking upon.” She let out an exasperated sigh “I don’t think I answered your question though.. Look I am not the Righteous, I don’t seek to impose my values or will upon others. I tend to let people chart their own course.. unless my doing nothing becomes a betrayal of my personal line so to speak. Bust as to when it becomes an addiction verses a quest for knowledge, I suppose that is it, when the quest causes you to betray yourself.” Dante nodded “or perhaps instead of feeling this ‘betrayel’ for or against yourself.. feel the growth within your being and evolve with the things around you. Knowledge is power, and power can lead to corruption and ill subjects. But such power from knowledge has lead this human race of yours to discover medicines, cures, therapy, surgeries, technology, even sciences dealing with genetic manipulation. All of these chose to go with the times and evolve with them. Think back to philosophers who had the right ideas and were actually quite correct with the hypotheses and predictions but were punished and shunned, even put to death for their difference in thought.” He folded his arms across his chest now with a nod “Could you imagine the possibilities of how your race could have ended up or could have been better off if people then would have expanded their horizons and listened?”

Devi smiled gently “Ends and means. Look at Hitler. Was his quest for medical knowledge justification for the torutre and mutilation of so many? This I can not agree with. Perhaps there is knowledge that is gained but it is not to me a justification of the method.” Finally she turned and looked across to Devi “We both know what it is to bring light into this world, never once have I seen you act as a righteous would, I do not believe this is the case here.. the case is that you must realize the dark. is always there, even in the light.” She paused momentarily before continuing “When you walk into a room of a building it is dark until the light is on.. the shadows dance away, but if you look around if you really open your eyes you will see they have always been there.. it is man that has forced the light onto the situation, the sun before used to be the only source, the darkness reigns over everything. Think about it dear sister, just because there is darkness, does not necessarily mean ther is violence, darkness can be powered by ones words, ones thoughts, ones actions.. ”

Dante leaned back and looked to the many books behind him “I’m unsure of which it was in, but somewhere within these many texts you would find something along the lines of “with power comes responsibility” along with “with greatness comes sacrifice.” He then leaned back forward towards her “not an excuse or good reason for the happeneings to these people..but then we must then follow through with ‘learn from the past, and hopefully grow’” he snickered quietly from behind his mask “but given the human race and their train of thought, history tends to repeat itself..but you get the jist of things.” She turned her head to look from Devi to Dante as she raised an eyebrow “I do hope dear brother when you mention the human race, you are excluding at least one..” Dante grinned and nodded “a generalization of course.” Devi glanced towards her “It is human nature to try to control things, and common light is a form or power..” Devi then turned to look towards Dante “Yes history does repeat itself, some of us learn but we are as a whole a slow learning lot..” She smiled as turned her attention to her sister “I simply say.. don’t conform Devi.. you might find you like the darkness.”

Devi shifted lightly before she continued to speak “Through out history my kind have been hunted down, burned at the stake, persecuted, even as we seek to help others. I could let this cause me to become bitter and vengeful, or not.. what used is retribution on innocents?” Devi turned to face her.. “There in lies my danger sister dear, I simply adore the darkness.” she reaches out her palm to rest on hers the shape and form so similar but hers showed signs of scars and constant weapon training, Devis did not. Devi’s hand glowed as her most recent cuts and bruises faded with the green glow “I just choose to abstain from the temptation.” She smiled as she looked over her sister “I think it is time you stop abstaining..” she slowly stood as she stretched looking to Dante and then to Devi.. “Regardless, I feel as I’m sure Dante agrees, it is time to rest.. it has been a long day for us both..As much fun as these lessons have been.. when the time comes for you to finally realize the dark is where our ENTIRE family belongs.. you know where to find me.. “ Devi simply sighed “and you have to only call and you know where you will find me..” It was at that time that she proceeded home with her brother at her side.. leaving Devi in the library to think… and wonder

Know Thy History: Part 2

Devi smiled “what are you discussing?” She turned to lookat Dante as she spoke to Devi “Educating my dear brother on history and other common things..” Dante nodded slowly, his eyes flickering towards Devi a moment before returning to her own. His eyes danced between her and the bookas he reached forward and slide the book back to himself treating it with more respect and care then the prior few. Already seeing the cover flipped for him his finger drops slowly to the first word of the first paragraph and traced along the words, slower than before.. observing it’s meanings, lessons, and methods. His eyes grew and shifted between small darker hazes to larger glows from the desk lamps occassional twitch of presence.

Devi raised an eyebrow “interesting.. you deem the Book of Five Rings to be history?” she frowned slightly “it still breathes.” She listened to her sisters words as she watched him read “The dance, the strategy, the dual, its all covered, and he relates it to nature as you read, the ground, the water, the fire, the wind..” she broke off and turned to Devi.. ” We have already discussed the Civil war, World War 1, World War 2, the Kennedy Assassination and the Alamo.” Devi sighed and shook her head “Did you touch on poetry, music, the renissance, art, literature, my sister? Or did you focus on these topics of strife and warfare alone?”

Dante looked back up to her and to Devi a moment a slick devilish grin hidden behind his mask but easily read upon his eyes. Looking around the library he casually lowered his left hand below the table, creating a small void of swirling shadows as his right hand shuffled the book across the table and tilted it off the edge to fall into the shadows for safe keeping. “I’m sure they won’t notice one bookmissing for awhile?” She turned to Devi and raised an eyebrow “its what I have you for?” she coughed lightly and then looked back to Dante smiling quoting from the book”Strategy is the craft of the warrior. Commanders must enact the craft, and troopers should know this way. There is no warrior i the world today who really understands the way of strategy.” She suddenly frowned as she watched the book disappear into the void , almost wanting to go after it..but she sat back and remained silent form there. Dante snapped his thumb and index finger under the table suddenly closing the void and placed his hands across his lap in a proper manner and winked to her, “it’s a good one, I’ll be taking my time on it.”

Devi grinned as she raised a finger to wave a book gently off a shelf. It descended to the table with a small almost silent thump, “you would probably enjoy Shakespeare’s plays. They also still breath…. Still I am coming from a place of ignorance, why do you wish to know so much about this?” She continued to watch Dante as she nodded to him before looking to Devi wondering what exactly she was going to conjure up “I hope, that tonight has helped you.. you know that there is so much more that you could learn.” Devi continued to ramble on “The taming of the shrew is quite amusing.. and it has timeless quality to it” She couldn’t help but interject and tell Devi..”Just remember dear sister, life can not be danced by the music of poetry and plays.”

Dante silently nodded towards her as his head still swirled within, shadows faintly seen playing around his shoulders whispering quotations and phrases just read within the text. He then changes his glance as he rolls his head to his left shoulder to peer at Devi “I do enjoy the beauty of literature and all of its teachings. This…language.. and all that comes with it. It’s many forms of artistic expression is very new to me. Given my current situation within such a dark place, I do find it necessary and valuable to learn of ways to help the survival of my family and be more insightful of tactics and strategies.” He waved his hand softly across the top of the table to display the volumes he just went through “and these have proved to be rather useful. Given the fact they show and teach old attempts and mindsets of the mortal predecessors.” Devi shrugged “To quote the Great Bard my dear sister.. “All The worlds’ a stage and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts..”

She sighed as she sank into her chair looking across the table to Dante “and here you learn the difference of the nightfire sisters.. the lover” she nodded towards Devi “and the fighter..” she let her arm come to a rest on the side of the chair as she ran her fingers softly under her chin. Devi stared intently at Dante for a moment sensing depths she not only choose not to look into but dared not to, her soul still being mostly of the light, although conflicted as often as not, and tainted by the past and sins she had committed in the name of revenge and family.. “its always wise to learn from the past, but it is also important to study what a society values, its joys and treasures to better understand it’s motivations..and yeah I’m the delicate flower..she is the thorn.” Dante held out one hand “yin” then his other “yang” then placed them together as shadows began to glow brightly at his elapsed hands “you do not need both to maintain existence” he nodded towards the two sisters “you two being opposites as an example.” Devi murmured “I sometimes wonder if our soul split as well as our body to form two wholes.. it’s weird but not in a bad way, this twin thing..”

She smiled as she looked over to her sister “Can I try something?” she turned and looked back to Dante with a wicked glint in her eye before returning to Devi “I want to see how you react when I do.. ” she coughed lightly to cover her word ” I mean..act a certain way.” Devi sighed but stated “go ahead.” Dante had dropped his hands back to the chair’s rest and watched over the sisters falling back into silence. It was at that time they were approached by one of the librarians who asked calmly.. “Is everything ok?” Devi and turned smiling to the lady “Just fine, were discussing history, love, family and Shakespeare.. how are you?” She paid no attention to the librarian or anyone else at that point as she closed her eyes and started to whisper “you can thank my dear brother for teaching me this, but as I have not seen you in so long and we are discussing the separation of souls… ” she raised her hand as her eyes slowly opened shadows flooding over them as they grew darker, in the palm of her hand a small ball of shadows started to form, she maintained the shadows as she looked over to Dante and blew them softly across to him “Dante is not the only one that has learned things” she finally turned her head to look towards her sister noticing the librarian. The librarian inclined her head finally answering Devi’s question ”I am well..”

Devi’s eyes grew wider as she watched the small ball of shadowy substance, her fingers moved in a small pattern forming a protective ward that flared briefly before she turned her attention back to librarian. “uhm, that’s great, can we help you? or something?” Dante’s head fell slightly as he watched her growing shadow play with a comfortable grin hidden behind his mask and his eyes watching completely, he watched it slowly drift across the table as he turned his wrist to face his palm up once more, welcoming the small sphere into his grasp and into his being. His eyes growing darker but maintaining their subtle glow, the close and then open softly was a small nod back across the table towards her. The librarian shook her head “I apologize…” she remained calm as she continued ” Just please respect the rules of the library…”

She relaxed in the chair as she returned to normal, her eyes fading back to heralmost regular purple shade, however still dark as she watches her sisters reaction, she catches a bookout of the corner of her eye and reaches behind her pulling it from the shelf and setting it on the table.. “We are discussing art correct?” she flipped the book open studying the pages before leaving it open and sliding it across the table towards Dante to show a prominent picture of the Mona Lisa.. “what does that tell you?” Devi finally addressed her “what was that.. and why?” her face now set in severe lines. She couldn’t help but smile to Devi “A shadow dear sister.” A confused Devi glared across the table at Dante “Did you just snack on my sister?” Dante keeping his posture and current stature about him to where only his eyes shifted to look down at the picture within the pages.. he murmuredbehind his mask “Logic and mysterious methods can be hidden behind a supposed natural piece of parchment accompanied by drawing utensils?” Devi shook her head as she started to appear shaken and confused “He snacks on her in a library, you aren’t even supposed to eat in here.. and then wants to chat about the Mona Lisa…”

Know Thy History...

She runs up and hops up on the ledge forcing herself up shoving Dante over to make room for her big ol butt when suddenly she hears “Took you long enough..” She frowned and wanted to stick her tongue out at Dante but she refrained as she teased him “I got stuck in mud.” Dante laughed “its all good, I always forget you mortals have that stamina thing, need to stop every once in awhile to catch your breath,” he suddenly pointed to Brianna behind them who had a small piece of candy in her mouth which would appear to some as a cigarette “Heard those don’t help much either, something about lungs?” She leaned back to Dante holding back her giggles “Its Pocky.” Dante looked to her confused as he leaned back against her “the heck is pocky?” She smiled “its a Japanese candy, its a little bread stick coated with flavored sugar.” The look of confusion stayed in Dante’s eyes as he leaned back to look at Brianna completely “Japanese?” She blinked suddenly watching Dante and listening to his words ” Dante, hun how much do you not know?” Dante looked down at his hands and then up to the night lit sky before turning back to her “Uhm, how much IS there to know? This language is messed up, alliteration, G H to make that eff sound…whats next? World wars?”

She immediately knew she had to do something she smiled and jumped down grabbing ahold of one of Dante’s hands “I think you should come with me…Field Trip!” Dante nodded as he extended his arm to an unknown direction “lead the way” She ran with him hot on her trail all the way to the library in the northern part of the city. She smiled as they walked in the door, the scent of older books filling her senses. She was content right now. She motioned Dante to follow her up the stairs and instantly started towards the first book shelf. She started to run her hands slowly along the spines of the books as she looked over her shoulder at Dante “How fast do you read?” Dante looked along the shelves at the multiple titles and colors, seeing a few from his previous visits with Blue, he shrugged to her “I went through eight of them in an hour with Blue last I was here, is that good?” She smiled “Perfect,” she pulled out a thick volume looking back to Dante “Hold out your arms while I toss?” Dante blinked and held out his arms in a zombie like fashion “Okay?” She smiled as she started to hum to herself, the soft tunes filing her mind with warmth as she walked through the shelves tossing him the first book ‘World War 1′. She reached up on her tippy toes and pulled down a second book passing it back to him ‘World War 2′. She over heard Dante mutter in disbelief “holy dam…” She turned to her left and ooh as she walked over to the next bookcase pulling down a book tilted ‘Civil War’ as she did she noticed another and jumped up for another one “Oh my the Alamo,” she tosses both books back towards Dante. Dante leaped forward with a giant stride to catch the frisbee’d books. She was on a roll as she walked down the aisles “Ohh, ohhh, the Kennedy Assassination,” she tossed the book lightly behind her as her eyes started looking for another one suddenly stopping and smiling “A personal favorite of mine,” she held the book tightly to her chest as she beamed at him “Lets find a table.” Dante gave her half a smile while shaking his head “okay..” unsure if he should be scared by her excitement.

Dante settled into the seat while spreading the books out in front of him and checking over the titles once more before looking up to her “now what?” She set her one book on the table across from Dante and smiled “I figured I’d start out easy..” she nodded slowly towards him “okay first things first, start with the Civil War.. its about north versus south and a fight for slave rights” she nodded towards the correct book “that should also covered the Abraham Lincoln assasination.” Dante shrugged looked down towards the books, waving a hand across his chest to force a shadow swiftly cross it’s cover in order to reveal the first page.. “if you say so..” he hunched over and dropeda finger to the first word of the page and began to follow it steadily at a good pace, freezing at parts and then jumping to other paragraphs and stanzas, cross referencing previous pages for confirmation. He looked up at her suddenly nods as he shut the book quickly slamming it on the table “next..” She couldn’t but smile with excitement as she watched him “World War 1,” giggling lightly she started to feel like a school teacher. After a few brief moments Dante leaned back in his chair and held his hands behind his head “What else you got for me?” She reached over and tapped the World War 2 book as she asked “Did you learn something from the WW1 text?” Dante nodded keeping within his mood and falling to silence once more as he buried himself back into another volume. Just as before he waved his hand across the cover allowing the shadow to drift and shift to cover across, allowing his eyes to hungrily scan and retrain the knowledge within.

She let her eyes drift over Dante as he read “This one is going to tell you about a man named Adolf Hitler, and an era called the Holocaust.” Dante looked up and lazily swatted the back cover of the book causing it to swing and collapse shut on the table “gas chambers, firing walls, purification process…gives me a few ideas.” She smirked “You know most would be disturbed by that reading..” Dante kicked back in his seat ” well..” he allowed both hands to rest on the chairs sides keeping his palms up. Shadows freely juggling between them “you see…” the shadows suddenly sparked and rushed over the table to clean up the sprawled books into a tide pile before rushing back into his chest.. “I’m not necessarily human, or mortal, in that sense” he simply shrugged and pointed towards the selection “whats next?”

She hummed lightly as she slide the book containing information about the Alamo to him, she flipped the cover open for him “You know, a little out of order, but from a state I used to reign from..there was a battle.. ironically enough it was called The Battle of the Alamo and it was from February 23 to March 6, 1836.. it is one of the most famous battles of the Texas Revolution. After an insurgent army of Texan Settlers and adventurers from the US drove all Mexican troops out of the Mexican Texas, President Antionio Lopez deSanta Ana led an invasion to regain control of the area. Mexican forces arrived in San Antonio, the home of the great Alamo and open fired.. to make a long story short it is a powerful story that can relate to groups and families even here in this city..” she paused as she whispered to him and looked him dead in the eye “Remember the Alamo.” He canted his head to the side a moment as he studied the words flowing from her mouth as if dancing around his head..this place having some sort of odd educational trance set upon him each time he enters. His eyes settled and gained focus once more as he nodded slowly “wow..” then eagerly dove into the books just like the rest before hand, this time using two fingers to cover the lines as he sped across the pages.

She rested back against the chair as she watched Dante, an undistinguished smile across her face, it had been a long time since she had the opportunity to share her wealth of knowledge to anyone. She felt content as if she was proving something to herself. Dante sat back and threw his head in continuation to look up at the ceiling as he blinked a few times “holy shit… that was..” he jumped minorly in his seat as he falls back into reading position and cut off his very own train of thought blurting out “kee’m coming!” She smiled once again and let out a light laugh as she picked up the small book about the President Kennedy Assassination. ”This dear brother is about President Kennedy, he made alot of changes for the US when he was president and is probably one of the most morned presidents that was assassinated.. President Kennedy served the US from 1961 to 1963. His assassin to this day still I believe involves several conspiracy theories..but either way.. this man lead the US in the space race.. he helped make it what it is today.. on the main land that is.” His chin settled to his hand as he nodded rolling his shoulder back and then forward as he leaned into the book.

Dante re-read the last few pages and looks up to catch her shuffling slightly in her seat “oh, I’m done already, next?” She smiled as she lowered her eyes and let her hand run softly over the leather bound book in front of her, she looked back up to Dante “and now a personal favorite..” She slowly let her fingers open the binding as she smelled the old paper, her senses alerted and alive “have you ever heard of Miyamto Musashi?” He watched her as her fingers delicately played along the book, his facial expression changing to curiosity, now intrigued more so then the rest of the volumes already by her own reactions to it.. “no, I haven’t.”

It was at that moment that she heard her sisters voice “Vish? your in a library? Who are you trying to curse?” She ignored her momentarily as she proceeded to tell Dante what filled her mind “Musashi was a Japanese Kendo artist, he lived in 1584, he is famous for his duels and distinctive style. He wrote a book, yes something that was completely unheard of for the time period on strategy, tactics, and philosophy… this book.. still means everything to anyone who is a warrior today.” She let her fingers trace over the pages softly as she closed the cover and pushed it across the table to him “This book…is called the Book of Five Rings.” She looked up to Devi as she tapped the seat next to her “Please join us.”

A Falling Leaf

She sat on the edge of the roof looking out into what seemed nothingness. It seems she had been doing this much more lately. The buildings around her were all to familiar.. the sky line, the water.. all of it.. all to familiar. She stared down at her hands looking over the scars and cuts. She was 26 years old.. 26…

She was told she was rare, Dante himself embedded that in her thoughts. She was a rare breed in Toxia as there were not many like her. It made her special and made her stand out above the rest… but was this true. Was being Human in a family of Demons and immortals really something that was rare, or just plain.. ignorant.

She remembers the day that she pulled Jonny aside and spoke to him, at first it was nothing but an innocent conversation and a hello.. but it turned to something that she will never forget. “How long do you think you will live in a house of immortals.. you are nothing but a falling leaf in autumn.”

A falling leaf in autumn… something that replayed over and over in her head. The flashbacks of all her near death experiences suddenly overwhelming her. Her family joked about turning her into a mutant.. but it was not something she wanted. She wanted to be her, just the way she was.. but to live forever. Could that ever be possible?

Only time would tell…

As the Blood Flows: Part 2

((This RP was rather large and involved many people.. It was a great rp that steamed from As the Blood Flows: Part 1 so that everyone can read it I stuck with the standard rp writing format))

{{South Toxia - Near the Pit}}
Dev Bracken pulls out his guns and aims at Vishous,”You crossed the line tonight, now its time to return the favor.”

Vishous Nightfire stops as she breathes heavily spinning around to look at Dev, stumbling backwards to try and get away from him. She manages to pull her weapons as she mentally trys to over ride her body’s reactions to him.

Dev Bracken lets out a low growl,”I’d advise you not to run, you’ll only piss me off.”
Vishous Nightfire growls “I di…di….did nothing Deeeeev… Leave me alone” Backs up to ease herself
Dev Bracken: You know exactly what you did Vishous.* he says taking aim and firing on her*
Vishous Nightfire collapses onto the ground as her weapon falls from her hand unable to control herself anymore… She whimpers as her body trembles she looks around for her gun and trys to fumble for it before she leans forward and starts to moan
Brianna Willenov gasps,”You broke Vish!” She crosses her arms.
Dev Bracken holsters his weapons and walks over to her, ignoring the presence of Asher and Brianna he hooks his arm under her armpit and starts dragging her.
Vishous Nightfire lets out a growl as he grabs her but her body completely shakes at his touch
Dev Bracken looks up and sees Lila,”Sorry it took me so long, wanna come with?”
Delila Dreadlow looks towards Dev and the blonde, then towards the others before looking to Dev again, “Gladly.”
Dev Bracken grins and carries her away.
{{North Toxia - The Church}}
Saeya Magellan smiles
Delila Dreadlow looks towards the two women in the back before continuing forward.
Saeya Magellan looks to Stil
Stiletto Vendetta glances around
Dev Bracken steps through all the goo, not minding if Vish is drug through it as her carries to the altar, lifting her body up he lets her fall with a small thud
Vishous Nightfire trys to pull away from Dev as she gets dragged into the church she quickly forms a small shadow ball in her hand closing her eyes she says something in her mind her breathing growing heavier as she throws it aside to travel and blend into the shadows
Saeya Magellan isn’t sure why she gives a damn but follows the angel to the front
Delila Dreadlow looks towards the woman wiith green hints in her hair, “Can I help you?”
Saeya Magellan looks to Delila ” The question is can I help you?”
Stiletto Vendetta offers, “perhaps some medical assistance?”
Delila Dreadlow responds in a rather irritable tone, “Its more a question of can I help
Saeya Magellan shakes her head
Delila Dreadlow looks closely towards the palen woman and growls lowly, her tail
twitching behind her like mad.
Saeya Magellan lowers her eyes ” Maam I mean no harm to you or yours”
Dev Bracken takes the cuffs out from under the table and securely tightens her arms and legs, looking over Vishs’ body to Lila,”Bring them up here, let them see
what happens to those who fuck with the innocents of the city.”
Saeya Magellan moves closer to the alter
Saeya Magellan: ” May I ask what it is you do?”
Dev Bracken walks off quickly toward the office.
Stiletto Vendetta walks silently past the goo on the floor, looking at the altar as she approaches.
Vishous Nightfire growls as her body trembles and her eyes roll into the back of her head she trys to pull away from him
Delila Dreadlow overstepts the gelatinous mess and closer towards the alter.
Saeya Magellan nods politely to the woman who asks questions
Vishous Nightfire yells loudly and screams as she pulls on the restraints out of pure anger and andrenline run through her body
Saeya Magellan: Did she kill an angel such as yourself?
Delila Dreadlow looks again towards the stranger, “I’m not sure what she did this time around… but whatever it is won’t surprise me. The Shadows seem to be on a kick lately. It seems they need to be humbled a bit.”
Stiletto Vendetta observes with keen eyes the condition of the girl who was carried into the church.
Saeya Magellan shakes her head ” This has nothing to do with all of this?” points to all the goo
Vishous Nightfire continues to growl and thrash while tied down to the alter “LET ME GO!”
Dev Bracken rummages through the desk drawer and grabs a dagger, holding it firmly in his left hand he walks back out and replies,”She has been a thorn in the side of the Righteous for a long time, and always seems to skate away unscathed.”showing the dagger in his hand he points it at Vish,”Tonight she gets a little reminder of why she shouldnt mess with innocense.”
Delila Dreadlow studies the blonde woman closely, “I can’t say I saw her in the ritual performed before this mess happened. But she associates with the Shadows. Seemed very friendly with them when I saw her with them. So whatever information she knows…. we will find out.”
Saeya Magellan narrows he eyes
Stiletto Vendetta inhales sharply.
Dev Bracken steps over beside Vish, putting the palm of his hand on her forehead he leans down inches from her face, whispering to her,”So much for doing nothing huh Vish?” moving his right hand over her stomach he raises her shirt exposing her stomach
Brianna Willenov looks up to see Vish, closing her eyes in concentration.
Quiet Thunders scrunchs up her face looking at the floor “eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Delila Dreadlow’s ear perks at the sound of yet another person close by.
Saeya Magellan shakes her head ” Ithink this goes alot deeper then some measley
shadow girl, I think you need to think outside the box”
Vishous Nightfire her back arches as Dev gets closer and touches her, her eyes start to weld with tears as she snaps at him “Let me go!” ::her body trembles under his touch as she trys to lift and turn her body to get away from him::
Saeya Magellan: ” This is much bigger then some small meaningless group of childlike demons. Haven’t you read your bible?”
Delila Dreadlow sniffs the air and frowns at yet another new scent being picked up in close vacinities.
Brianna Willenov ones her eyes, pulling out of her mind a moment and looking up,”Let her go!”
Saeya Magellan motions for Bri to shush ”WE don;t care about the girl”
Quiet Thunders avoiding the goo she hops up on the benching and slowly makes her way forward
Wotan Aeon walks in the door and wonders if there is a service going on
Brianna Willenov: “Well I do, she is family so get away now.”
Dev Bracken ignores her words, moving the dagger down the length of the body he rests the tip of the blade against her flesh right above her navel, speaking out in a loud voice,”Everyone here witness what happens when you hurt an innocent. An eye for an eye.”
Saeya Magellan rolls her eyes at the blind nature of the angels
Delila Dreadlow speaks to Brianna without as much as turning around, “If you don’t shut your mouth you’ll be joining her. You have a lot of shit you need to be punished for. Don’t forget that.”
Quiet Thunders landing lightly infront of the formost bench
Wotan Aeon yells out happily “And we all GO blind!!!”
Sirenpetal Paine weaves her way through the crowd to stand hear her sisters, wiping the last of the blood from her hands
Stiletto Vendetta nods at the truth of the words.
Saeya Magellan smiles slightly and shakes her head ” I am afraid you are about to hurt the innocent”
Vishous Nightfire breathes heavily as the blade is pressed above her skin… her eyes grow dark and start to have shadows form over them her body reacting one way beyond her control because of the angel as her mind screams with anger.. she yells out loudly once again as she lifts up pulling on the restraints “LET ME GO!”
SahngLei Xue waves to quiet with a single finger from the other hand perched across grinning lips
Delila Dreadlow clears her throat, “Passive aggressive doesn’t work here. Justice without force in most cases is futile. It seems that Toxia’s rampages seems to fall under that catagory.”
CeeCee Lane: “This innocent crucified one of our own. Hardly innocent, no?”
Quiet Thunders watching Dev intently as she walks up to the railing
Delila Dreadlow motions towards the church walls, “See all this? It seems its time to take an aggressive stance. Whatever they did to our home WILL be fixed. She is no innocent. Justice is being served.”
Dante Dodonpa bursts through the back door and races to the front “and what might this display be for?”
Brianna Willenov: “Because you crucified ours you dummy.”
Stiletto Vendetta winces as she realizes the felines have been affected by this prophecy as well.
Delila Dreadlow: I’m telling you again to shut your mouth cat.
Dev Bracken looks out to the crowd, pushing his weight down on her stomach now to keep her flat against the altar, he inserts just the tip of the blade into her.
Brianna Willenov: “You messed with Eury not once but twice so we got one of yours.”
Dante Dodonpa catches sight of the blade and hisses “Dev! i asked what the fuck is going on here!”
Saeya Magellan smiles ” True tis the nature of the beast…but I afraid The
Apocalypse is a very real thing…not based on some measly girl…the key is you must find the right girl “
Wotan Aeon grins as he waits fot the smell of blood to hit the air.
Quiet Thunders placing her paws on the railing the kitty makes the little hop over
Saeya Magellan smiles and shakes her finger ” Ahh ahh ahh now you will be damned as well Mister Angel”
Vishous Nightfire eyes dart over to Dev as her body trembles and shakes from the blade now being inserted into her stomach… she fights back any sign of weakness
SahngLei Xue tries to copy quiet but her balance isnt as good and she flops over the rail wrenching her tummy against it landing head first on the other side
Brent Tsarchon feels like an apostle to the second coming, having wittnessed this scene before while Dev lay on his back helpless as she jabbed him with a daggar.
Stiletto Vendetta frowns to Saeya and Siren, “This is far bigger than the Righteous feeling the need for justice against the shadows.”
Saeya Magellan sighs contently as she watches the blade push in ” Such a lost cause these Angels”
SahngLei Xue stumbles to her crouched position and rubs her head “Ouchies!”
Dante Dodonpa grows tired of waiting for a response, his tentacles lashing out violently around him as he glances back to the spectators then to leap across the table to Dev’s side…his tail swiping at his hand in attempt to knock the blade from his grip
Saeya Magellan turns shaking her head and walks away ” Wrong Girl “
Delila Dreadlow bitterly mutters, “You’re right, this is a lot bigger than one victim. Its a stance against the House of Shadows on a hold. A warning that they don’t run shit the way they assume that they do.”
Dev Bracken keeps his eyes fixed on the dagger, dragging it down her lower stomach, a satisfied grin on his face seeing the blood seep through, he makes his way back up around her navel in a large V shape.
Jason stops in the church, inches from the strange goo
Stiletto Vendetta steps back to a safer position behind the altar railing, muttering, “even that is a small-minded view my dear”
Delila Dreadlow: To each his own, I didn’t ask for your opinion.
Saeya Magellan snorts ” Sok I don’t listen well anyway
Stiletto Vendetta scoffs, “A petty argument of your sort will get us no closer to saving this city, so save your petulance for your catholic school teacher.”
Jason: it’s the end of the world as we know it
Delila Dreadlow grinds her back teeth as she clenches her weapon tighter than before, she decides to ignore the woman’s remark and focuses her eyes on Dev and the female before her.
SahngLei Xue looks over curiously at dev thinking he was playing a game with vish she smiles, then pads a little closer to see
Vishous Nightfire yells out loud as her skin is cut open… she yanks on her restraints as she looks over to Dev again.. the pain starting to override everything else she looks to Dev as she tries to get his attention… she growls lowly “Dev…”
Dante Dodonpa waits for Dev’s reply to his attempt
Quiet Thunders leaving Vish for the moment to her own shadows the kitty leans up against the pulpit to looks back to watch the others. Wincing she doesn look back at the screem
SahngLei Xue tilts her head at the scream wondering why she had done it, begins to look between her and dev with a question beaming from her expression.
Saeya Magellan brathes a sigh not amused with the Angel’s antics
Stiletto Vendetta looks out the window of the church at some commotion which catches her eye and says “SHIT”
Dante Dodonpa barrel rolls off to the side as his tail finishes it’s attempt…landing on one knee he looks up with narrowed eyes to see if the dagger is still within his grasp. Shadows thrashing his small form….binding once more to show his other side. Stepping up to both feet his chest presses out while shadows play off of his shoulders and a deep growl echoes from deep within his chest
Saeya Magellan looks up at the church’s ceiling seeing all the goo moving around and the woman screaming ” Righteous…yea right”
Dev Bracken held the knife firmly in his hand during Dantes attempt and paid him no mind, his gaze fixed on Vishous, he replies,”No Devs Vish, you had this coming.”
Brent Tsarchon smiles as a devine plan has come full circle, bringing the enemies and alliances together again. Perhaps a different outcome this time he thinks.
Saeya Magellan looks outside as well
Stiletto Vendetta franctically grabs Saeya’s arm and whispers
Sirenpetal Paine tries to see what they are looking at, then bolts outside
Saeya Magellan: STOP DON”T!
Brianna Reggiane turns and follows her sisters
Blueray Darkes is ran past
Vishous Nightfire eyes roll into the back of her head as she glares at him, the blood starting to roll from her stomach and onto the Alter she twists and trys to get her body away from him
SahngLei Xue goes over and sits firmly at devs feet, her eyes wander from vish to devs face, a soft whimper can be heard but only a single tear runs down her cheek, she then closes her eyes and nuzzles against devs leg deciding he knew best for his own vengance sake.
Delila Dreadlow looks behind her and notices the man close behind her, she slightly smirks before returning her eyes to the two before her. She notices Lei at Dev’s feet and perks a brow.
Dante Dodonpa takes a single step towards Dev while his hands face down to his sides…summoning large energies to his disposal…the shadows running from him like flames. His eyes stay narrowed in darkened slits as his voice echos “Release her now Dev…or your church will continue it’s happenings and bleeding bodies…a promise i make upon myself”
Asher Blitz slides up behind delila pulling a gun slilently from his holster and leveling it att the back of her head
Jason moves over behind ceecee

Asher Blitz reaches out attempting to wrap his arm around her and pull her back into him
Quiet Thunders shivers not wanting to look back wanders a bit farther forward stoping with a paw on the railing
Dev Bracken looks out to the spectators and nods once,”This was her punishment for the girl left in the alley.” taking a step back he wipes the blood from the blade onto his jeans, he looks to Dante and shrugs,”Take her, i’m done.” looking out to Asher he smirks,”I’d like to see you shoot her, she’ll eat your ass for dinner.”
Blueray Darkes stands there watching the scene, she had no interest in either groups that were around inside the building. “Ass eating… Hey I never took an angel to be a brown noser”.
Wotan Aeon leans back in his seat “I like this sermon..” he sniffs for the blood and testosterone in the air while he enjoys the ambiance
Delila Dreadlow feels the gun placed firmly against her head and doesn’t flince, she only rolls her eyes before calmly speaking to him, allowing herself to be drug against him, “Put the gun away.”… she shoves against him.. “And while you’re at it get your hands off of me.”
Dante Dodonpa continues as he steps toe to toe with Dev “that dagger and your pants will be coming with as well….”
Blueray Darkes: Speaking of sermons… I can do one
Asher Blitz grins, as he keeps his eyes on dev, “trust me, I dont like this any more then you do”
SahngLei Xue giggles
CeeCee Lane feels a chill ascend over her shoulder as she turns to acknowledge a familiar presence piercing her skin. A stern expression of discomfort forms as she observes the figure making his stance behind her.
SahngLei Xue: “I dun see dat happenin” she peeks from around devs leg
Jason unlatches the strap holding his gun to his belt and lifts it out of it’s holster.
his finger pulls the hammer backwards and presses it to ceecee’s head
Brianna Willenov reaches down and grabs Lei by the hair,”Will you get out of here, your not helping Vish!”
Hadyn Bellic pulls out several empty sampler jars and then slips on a pair of gloves and starts taking fresh samples of the Demon Spunk coating the church.
Delila Dreadlow reaches a hand in front of her and attempts to peel his hand off her body, “Right. Lets bond over your distaste for it without touching.”
SahngLei Xue Growls at brianna and turns her head swiftly trying to sink her teeth into her arm
Quiet Thunders sounding like Vish is safe the kitty turns to look upon death. Smiling and waves a paw at death ” so um death any interst in a little sermon for us
Vishous Nightfire pulls and yanks against her restraints as the blood continues to flow from her stomach, her body starts to take over again from the potion and starts to tremble as her eyes roll into the back of her head
Asher Blitz relaxes his arm as she pulls it down, keeping the gun pointed squarely at her temple
Jason sniffs and curls his finger over the trigger “hear ‘em…. them’s hell’s bells”
Blueray Darkes leaps up to the podieum she coughs slightly
Dev Bracken chuckles at Dante, standing up straight to show hes not intimidated,”You dont have to worry about doing anything with a silly humans blood, my advice to you… well rather my order to you… Take the bitch and go quickly.”
CeeCee Lane: “I dont fear you, mouthy one.. I haven’t before and I won’t now. Do as you feel needed, I will have no rebuttals. My God awaits my arrival. I await my ticket.”
Dante Dodonpa shifts his eyes from Dev for only a moment to Vish’s stomach, then returns his glare upon him. His left hand extending over her aura, shadows racing from his fingertips and over her wounds for a temporary fix
Hadyn Bellic carefully places the jars back in the pack and walks out.
Brianna Willenov watches as Lei sinks her teeth into her arm, in turn she swiftly moved her arm towards thew altar in an attempt to slam Lei’s face against the altar,”Quiet Kitty….”
Quiet Thunders looks back. being a smart kitty she scampers back
Blueray Darkes: Today’s sermon: Live each day here in this cesspit like it is your last, party to get drunk, be drunk and start fights then have an orgy. Cos thats life people, and I’m gonna end it all
SahngLei Xue’s fast reflexes allow her to notice the attempt and she duck rolls off to
the side, upon gaining her balance again she crouches low on all fours aggressively baring her fangs with a curled snarled lip and narrow eyes letting the feline know she would defend herself at all costs
CeeCee Lane turns to face the cold barrel pressed against her head. “Is this you want it, fucker? Or shall I turn back around?”
Delila Dreadlow turns her head away from the gun and notices the double scythed demon, she takes into account the noticable change in appearance and perks a brow.
Jason’s ear twitches to “orgy” and he looks over at blue, then shakes his head to refocus “perhaps”
Quiet Thunders hopping to her arms the kitty starts upon the task of unchaining
Vish. muttering” she is a hman really didn’t need this much chain “
Vishous Nightfire feels the shadows dance over her skin as the bleeding stops, the lack of pain however making her have a adverse reaction she starts to mumble as she breathes heavier “no angels.. no angels…”
Brianna Willenov stares at her a moment and then turns, ever so slightly, aiming her boot to Lei’s face to get her away from her.
Dante Dodonpa’s hand lowers and joins the other behind his back as his eyes begin
to settle at ease. Canting his head to the side slightly he grins widely from behind his mask “If you cannot do anything…then why such a big deal of giving them up?” resting his head to the opposite side now “And you….oh bright and light on your feet one…you have no authority over me or my familiars. An order from such a inferior being is a joke”
Blueray Darkes sighs heavily and gives up on her sermon of the day, she would rather go fuck something anyway
Asher Blitz lowers his gun as he see’s dev step back, holstering his guns and stepping back to look at the crowd as he waits for someone to unchain vishous
SahngLei Xue growls once with all she had before lashing out with her jaws aiming for the end of her boot to bite down on
Jason removes the gun from the girl’s face as he sees dante joining them
Quiet Thunders growling watching Lei and Bri ” BRI LEI stop playing and help…. NOW”
Asher Blitz reaches out with a finger and dips it in the glowing slime, studying it momentarily before flicking it in the direction of delila
Wotan Aeon stretches and looks around..he kicks his feet up on the bench before him
Dev Bracken smirks at Dante tilting his head in a mock manner,”In case you didnt know, Vish has a thing for angels right now… if i go taking off my pants shes liable to bleed out right here in front of you while you try to be tough in front of you *famialiars* so again i say to you, Take the bitch and go.”
Blueray Darkes sings as she prances about the church, “Let the wine flow crimson like blood, for sex and death make a wonderous flood” Pauses, “I never was any good at poetry”.
Jason chuckles and speaks up to Dev “my pleasure” and looks down at Ceecee “he wants us to take you and go”
Brianna Willenov eeps slightly as the puppy was now latched to her boot. She picked her foot up and began swinging her leg around vioently, left and righti into the altar, then up and down to the floor,”I’m not playing, this thing won’t get off me!” She then tried to move away to help Vish.
Delila Dreadlow hearing the gooey slick of his finger suddenly moves backward, a bit of goo sticking to her hair and hardly missing her face. She grows and turns to Asher, “You’re an ass.”
SahngLei Xue doesnt break her focus on bri not for lack of quiets yelling, she stood hard as a stone, waiting for bri to make one wrong move, eyes never leaving her throat
Blueray Darkes wonders if you can have a goo fight with the goo
CeeCee Lane: “Take me where? Is there a sale at ToxiaMart?
Torakoun Sands stares blankly across the hall
Vishous Nightfire whimpers as she pulls her hands free from the chains and she trys to sit up and undo her foot chain but collapses back onto the alter her back arching as she starts to scream out again frustrated
Jason shrugs “dunno but he did say take the bitch”
Asher Blitz smiles sarcastically at delila, “never heard that before”
CeeCee Lane: “Youre sadly mistaking me for your mother.”
Jason: either he’s talking about you, or *indicating Lila* her
Dante Dodonpa raises a hand to his throat in amusement and grins “the dagger and pants will do just fine. and don’t flatter yourself because of a temporary condition.” lowering his hand and quickly wiping it on his own trench he looks back up to him “i do find it funny however…that you feel the presence of some sort of power about you, do you not recall how many from your supposed holy establishment fell from the last time you tried such a thing?”
Blueray Darkes crouches down to gather some goo in her hands, she rolls it around with her palms. Testing it a little by tossing it hand to hand she looks for a good target, looking upwards she just lobs it at the two men standing above and waits to see who it hits.
Jason: because there are no other “bitches”
Delila Dreadlow motions her head towards his trench to smear the remnants of goo off her hair, “Whatever.”
Brianna Willenov reaches over to Vish, trying to unlatch her feet from the alter, whether or not Lei was even still on her boot or what not.
Brent Tsarchon watches Blue with distaste
Wotan Aeon looks over at Death and sighs “Man death is as immature as some of the demons in this wonder its in Blues body”
Dev Bracken drops the dagger to the floor and steps back,”Dante by all means, if you want my pants… please come and get them.”
Dante Dodonpa glances to Bri lazily and nods her towards Vish “take her come” then resumes his grin towards Dev
Delila Dreadlow stiffles a laugh overhearing Wotan’s words.
CeeCee Lane shakes her head in disgust. Go home to mama’s tit and you’ll find your bitch, shadow.”
Blueray Darkes: I don’t think the vessel would be playing in the goo
Quiet Thunders zips up beside Vish scooting her to the side of the alter planing to pull her to her feet once the chain is free and slip inder her arm to hold her up
Saeya Magellan shakes her head ” I am so glad I am already dead”
Jason: going home would not take the bitch
SahngLei Xue had long since detattched from bris stinky boot
Wotan Aeon: “No.. she would be fucking in it”
Vishous Nightfire curls up into a ball as her feet are free and continues to breath heavily as her body trembles
Delila Dreadlow laughs softly to herself, realizing that CeeCee has quite a mouth on her.
Blueray Darkes: Wrong again wolf boy, I would be fucking in it
Jason: but seeing my job is done here
Blueray Darkes kicks some goo at Jason
Wotan Aeon looks down..”Im just gonna try to contain the luaghter now”
Jason yelps and dodges away from the goo “hey hey!… that shit looks alive i don’t want some strange disease…”
CeeCee Lane: “You’re leaving? -sighs- Perhaps a breathe fo fresh air may be bestowed upon us then. Go, take he stinch with you.”
Dante Dodonpa smirks as his tail swings around his own legs to grab hold of the dagger and brings to to his side, placing it within his shadow pocket then looks to
Dev “Really want me to rip your pants from you? Never knew of your male fantasies…but if you insist…”
Jason: i never did say i was leaving
CeeCee Lane: “Shame, I was hopeful.”
Blueray Darkes: You do that if ya want wolf boy, I know her and she wouldn’t do it but I woul.d. Besides she don’t whore herself like she should, such a pretty little slut its a shame
Quiet Thunders grumbling turns to face Vish and thankfully not being a weak humn she was able to dip down and just barly scoop vish up like a little baby
Brent Tsarchon: thinks that all Blues talk of Fucking is beginning to cause a stir inside him, reaches for his studded dildo and shows the man beside him “She would fill another church if I milked her.”
Saeya Magellan applaudes the entertainment and leaves
Dev Bracken laughs,”Let me see the dagger for a moment, i’ll solve this problem and you can get her some help.”
Vishous Nightfire shakes and trembles as she is moved off the table into Quiet’s arms her breathing increasinly heavy, her eyes consistently rolling into the back of her head
Sirenpetal Paine sighs and shakes her head
Wotan Aeon looks over at Death.,”Well..In that case.Now id really like to see that”
Blueray Darkes: I already trired to get customers on the corner, but all the vampires were fugly and scared them away
Quiet Thunders leaning back trying to ballance her load the kitty slowly she starts to make her way towards the back exit. All of Vish movment she stumbling she had to stop to keep her feet under her
Jason smiles at blue “no amount of street scum could scare me from you”
Brent Tsarchon whispers to Claire something about sending Sheep to fuck a wolf.
Delila Dreadlow stretches her face as she releases an extravagant yawn, her arm aims towards Asher’s face as she grins sweetly, “Whoops. Sorry. Its what happens what you stand so close I’m afraid.”
Dante Dodonpa reaches his right hand into his trench and into the abyss of his pocket, pulling back with the dagger within his grasp and snaps it to the alter..creating a distinctive *snap!* as it dented into it’s surface. Nodding towards it he mentions “right there”
Clairewitch Reddevil giggles softly
Blueray Darkes pets Jason and scritches his ears, “Such a loyal warrior”
Vishous Nightfire trembling starts to slow down as her body suddenly tenses she burries her head against Quiets neck muffling a moan she lets accidently escape before her body starts to spasm lightly
Jason murrs, tilting his head to lean into her scritches “if anything i am loyal”
Dev Bracken reaches for the dagger, shaking his head,”Such a thick headed shadow.” he takes the dagger and cuts a large square from his jeans, all of the area which he had wiped the blood on… Holding them up for Dante to see he lays them both on the altar and points to the door,”Now… Shadows out.”
Brent Tsarchon adds to the back of Jasons statement “If the price is right.”
Quiet Thunders being forces she takes little step making their way out the back. She can’t help but sniffle at all the smell enter her nose
Dante Dodonpa snickers as his tail once more wraps around to grab both of the contents and pulls them into his pocket once more. Resting his tail to flick behind him he gives Dev a thumbs up and winks before walking around the table to his family “good boy”
Asher Blitz raises a brow as he moves his head back to avoid her outstretched arm, “uh huh” brushes his clothing where the angel had touched “disconcerning for sure”
Blueray Darkes stares up at the balcony above her she tilts her head, she looks him over and tsks wonders where the other one went. “Warrior is loyal for free, he gets nothing but my admiration”.
Brianna Willenov accompanies Quiet in helping Vish get out.
Wotan Aeon ears twitch at the mention of demon blood
SahngLei Xue looks at dev
Jason looks to where blue is “i only make pay those that don’t deserve my true
Delila Dreadlow lowers her arms and rocks slowly in place.
SahngLei Xue flattens her ears but not out of fear not saddness, out of understanding, she smiled faintly up att dev “Lei understand why hims did it” she assures him
Quiet Thunders stumbles down the stair leaning back towards Bri about to fall backward
Dante Dodonpa nods to his family as he walks up behind Bri, Quiet, and Vish “home”
Asher Blitz turns toward the back door, tossing his shoulder toward lila as he moves toward the door

Quiet Thunders catchign herself starets on the long trek back to the pit